The Future PI Slack group is an informal peer mentoring group for biomedical postdocs who are interested in staying in academia. We also have channels for those exploring non-academic options.

We use the Slack messaging service to communicate about grant applications, conferences, the faculty job search, and other topics of common interest. Our community has approximately 500 active members from around the world as of March 2021.

Collectively, we agreed upon these guidelines in February 2021. These will always evolve with input from active members:

Future PI Slack aims to be an inclusive, welcoming, and respectful community. Please be kind, civil, and professional when communicating on our forum.
We will not tolerate any language that:
1) disrespects an individual or group’s cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, and/or sensory differences; ethnicity; gender identity; political beliefs; race; religion; sex; or sexual orientation 
2) attacks people rather than ideas
Members who do not adhere to these guidelines will be removed from the group.
Please alert a moderator using our anonymous form if you have any concerns about hurtful language or behavior on this forum or if there are discussions that make you feel hurt or unsafe using our anonymous Notify Future PI Slack link (available to members).

If you’re a postdoc interested in staying in academia, please join us!